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About Us

Cozy Library is a bookish shop wherein we primarily make, and sell, book sleeves! 

The shop was created in the hopes to spread book love, as well as cute as heck designs that you can take everywhere with you. Seriously! Just as Adele, she takes a sleeve almost everywhere she goes. Even to the couch, seeing as how she can be clumsy at times. 

Cozy Library is a small business of one person--Adele. She works hard to acquire new fabric to make into beautiful book sleeves for you. All sleeves are handmade, which means that every sleeve that you buy will be unique to you.

Right now we're focused on making book sleeves, though we also hope to delve into other products soon. If there's a fandom that you want to see more of, let us know. You can find Cozy Library on Instagram (@/cozylibrarycreations), or you can contact us via our Contact Us page.